Drunken memory
من أجل عروبتي لتذهب جميع المكاسب إلى الجحيم !
3 November,2014
Drunken memory
Love in Beirut
4 December,2014

I swear by stations night

Drunken memory

ghada alsamman

I swear by stations night

I was thinking about really human relationship
Lived it together
At the corridors of our sorrows and disappointment
Facing Death, grief and the Unknown
Sharing taking of masks and love,
In diary rainy stations night
Which nicknamed by our days

You were thinking about something else..,
Planning for dancing demo
Offering it to others
On mutual chatter and Curiosity Theater
I was thinking about you as my pain twins
And you think that we shall be good together
As a comic demo couples
My love was honest as dying
Your love was foaming as Bubbles
Comes for you from the door of depths marine
And you took me for backstage of chatter performing
I wanted you as mystery
And you wanted me as a victory
Just Like another extra victory
For Shahier who fraught with weary

Translated by Mai Salama

أضف تعليق

Ghada Al-Samman
Ghada Al-Samman
أنا حمامة وديعة ترفرف مزهوة بثوب الحرية الناصع بعيداً..بعيداً وعالياً..عالياً عن دنس الصيادين