Drunken memory
A lover Entertain in crying
12 October,2014
Drunken memory
I declared my love on you
18 October,2014

Madness flowers of the night

Drunken memory

ghada alsamman

Madness flowers of the night

In the night
Longing spread to you
As a field of madness flowers of the night
Oh all these fences prevent us
Oh between me and your face
Long night of distancing
Until morning emerge
Nightmares will wrap me in a shroud
And As usual I will arouse by my voice
Calling you
And my dreams are dreaming of you

You, who is far as minaret,
You, who is near as a tattoo in my breast,
You, who is far as a reminiscence of childhood,
You, who is near with my breathing and thoughts,
I love you, I love you
I’m exclaiming with fill of my mouth: I love you

You are the only one who will hear my voice
Beyond all those fences
I’m screaming and calling you by my silence
Night without hearing your voice
Is just like a carnage
Night without dreaming of you
Is just like one moment of dying
In the evening
And you far as you do
I stand with all my dreading
And the distance between our meetings
Is just like a bridge of crossing night
I can’t keep spending nights without you
I can’t continue listening to the instigation of profoundness time
There is nothing left, but the quake
Only quake
May blend our remains and ashes
After the life forbade
The cheerful of being together for good

In the sky
For you, my yearning keep hit drums
In my head without stopping
In my fields your voice is blowing
As a coming faraway music with wind
May we hear it and may not
In my fields your voice is blowing
And I hang on your words and promises
Like a child
Hang on his flying paper plane
Where does your wind will throw me?
Which unknown coast shall you throw me?
But as I’m a child
I won’t let the thread
I will keep running with my dreaming paper plane
And I will stay pursuing your word’s shadow

Oh, you strange
When I think about everything between you and me…
Kept confused
Shall I have thank you or forgive you..?

Translated by Abdulrhman Mudher Al-said Ali

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Ghada Al-Samman
Ghada Al-Samman
أنا حمامة وديعة ترفرف مزهوة بثوب الحرية الناصع بعيداً..بعيداً وعالياً..عالياً عن دنس الصيادين