Drunken memory
I swear by stations night
11 November,2014
غادة السمان
13 December,2014

Love in Beirut

Drunken memory

ghada alsamman

Love in Beirut

We had met on the corner of joyful marine, I was cowardice, and I hold only my umbrella
With you I discovered the pleasure of spring rain,
While lunge of the space transform to being fields of wild flowers and perfumes of forests,
Blowing its smell from your hair.
Maybe I still love you, that I still looking for and read your poems,
Eject Sniffles of the initial surprising as I chirp at the day when I watch the sea in the first time.
I moved in your body without visa, or asking for Permanent residency in your Blood circulation, writing on your Pulse Rhythm
I told you that I’m looking for constancy, and you convince me to stay on a cloud above of Rawsha, and I do

Is it Love in Beirut?

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Ghada Al-Samman
Ghada Al-Samman
أنا حمامة وديعة ترفرف مزهوة بثوب الحرية الناصع بعيداً..بعيداً وعالياً..عالياً عن دنس الصيادين