Drunken memory
Madness flowers of the night
18 October,2014
Drunken memory
من أجل عروبتي لتذهب جميع المكاسب إلى الجحيم !
3 November,2014

I declared my love on you

Drunken memory

ghada alsamman

I declared my love on you

Cruelty was your iniquity…
And pride was my iniquity…
Both sins gathered…
And farewell was the perdition part…

As long as I decided: when we will separate,
I’ll pull the trigger on your voice,
I’ll wrap our reminiscent
To the marble pillar
And let the fire burn it
As they were burning the witches with their evilness
We have been parted
And today I’m thinking of you with all my kindliness;
And with pure sorrow,
As a desert whispering to a mirage…

Farewell or not farewell

I declared my love on you,
I declared my peace upon you,
I declared my longing upon you,
I declared my forgiveness upon you,
I’m not remorseful
For gave you both body and soul…

Cold, cold
The plate of success was made by ice
And friends faces
Is just like a Minefield
And their fingers seems like Daggers

Only you,
You were the haven of my heart – hedgehog
Just for you
His thistle was just like spikes
Maybe for this reason
Your stab was very dexterity and permeable

A few altercations,
Will refresh the memory of love…
A few altercations,
Will refresh the heart of love…
But we drunk because of these altercations,
Until we inebriated,
Each of us killed his buddy,
And revel on his body,
Without noticing..!

Also I forgive you
For turning me from flying sparrow
To the nail that stick in the grief coffin

I was filled up, satisfied and convinced by you
But our eon had holes in,
That glee can escapes through it…
I’m torture,
Because of what I did to you,
After you forced me to do it…

I declared my love on you,
I declared my peace upon you,
I declared my forgiveness upon you,
Now you have to declare upon yourself
Both peace and forgiveness
But love,
You are already covering it…

Everything done quickly as a thunder blunt…
And both birth gasp with dying gasp
Are comminute with our tales

Completely stumbled,
And confused in a Cobweb,
‘Good bye’ word,
Was the only remaining elopement bridge
‘Good bye’ word
Seemed like a chisel hatted in marble
And here are the obliviousness snows
Falls, falls and falls
Trying vainly to cover the landmarks of our love,

Before I go to bed,
I’m expelling your image from my mind,
By all mind mascots,
And by all Social laws,
But your love lives,
Deep in my corridors,
In which any king’s authority cannot reach it ‘mind’,
Your love increasing,
Scattering inside me,
Causing headache,
Propagating carelessly without birth certificates
When I guess I slept,
Part of me keeps living in a mystery life,
Living by you,
Staring in your love,
And wake me up at morn,
Hitting me by longing axe,
In mid of my head…
Is it headache?
Or it is rifting in my soul?

Oh you stranger, who near to a holler,
Who standing far for the length of life,
I declared my love on you,
I declared my peace upon you,
I declared my forgiveness upon you,

Despite everything happened
And what might be happen..!

Translated by : Abdulrhman Mudher Al-said Ali

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Ghada Al-Samman
Ghada Al-Samman
أنا حمامة وديعة ترفرف مزهوة بثوب الحرية الناصع بعيداً..بعيداً وعالياً..عالياً عن دنس الصيادين